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Electrolysis Aftercare

Slight soreness or redness can be treated by a soothing face lotion. If you have a sensitive skin, immediately after your treatment you may notice some small red raised bumps in the treated area.  This is quite normal.  The redness is caused by hyperaemia and the raised bump is due to the presence of lymph produced locally by the skin for protection.  The condition should subside in a couple of hours. At the end of your treatment, your electrologist will have applied a special soothing lotion to reduce the chances of inflammation or infection and speed the healing process. This should be left on the skin for as long as possible. The following home-care routine is essential to achieve a successful healing process.

  • Don't use make-up after epilation as skin infection can easily result. Wait 24 hours.
  • Don't use hot water on the treated area
  • Do not touch!  If any scabs or crusts form, do not interfere with them, allow the skin to heal naturally.
  • Don't use depilatory products, plucking or waxing to remove hairs from the treated area. This will not only be painful, but will also make later treatments more difficult.

Please call The Spa at Ancaster at 905 648 1443 if you are concerned in any way