Pedicure Aftercare

The following home-care routine will ensure your pedicure will last well and keep your feet and nails looking their best and in good condition.

  • The feet should be washed at least once a day, finishing with a cold rinse. Dry the skin well, particularly between the toes. Scrubbing the feet briskly with a small firm brush not only helps to clean them but also stimulates the blood circulation and has an invigorating effect on the feet.
  • Dusting the feet with a foot powder after bathing helps keep feet dry by absorbing sweat from the skin. The fungicide present in foot powders will help resist diseases such as athlete’s foot.
  • Excessively sweaty feet should be wiped twice a day with surgical spirit or cologne which has a cooling astringent effect on the skin. This should be followed by a liberal dusting of foot powder.
  • Hard skin can be treated at home following a bath or shower with a pumice stone or callous file. Soften the treated area afterwards by massaging in a medicated foot cream or body lotion.