Reflexology Aftercare

A reflexology treatment unlocks the toxins and tensions held within the body, so for a day or two after treatment the body will be in a state of increased toxicity. The following guidelines will allow your body to adjust most effectively and provide you with the greatest benefit from your treatment.

WATER - Drink plenty of water immediately after treatment and for the following 24 - 48 hours. This will assist healthy functioning of the body and encourage removal of any toxins.

DIET - Fresh, light natural foods are best for the next day or two as the body will need to concentrate its efforts on detoxification and natural healing.

ALCOHOL/SMOKING  - both should be avoided for the next day or two as these are obviously very toxic.

REST - In order to help the body to detoxify and assist its powers of recuperation and healing, it is advisable to rest as much as possible after the treatment; some people find they get a real energy boost  following the treatment, this energy is provided by the body to aid in natural healing - it is a vital resource and should not be tapped into for other reasons. A good nights sleep is also helpful to assist the body’s restorative processes.

EMOTIONAL DIFFERENCES - Some people find that as a result of reflexology they become quite tearful afterwards or feel slightly depressed, sometimes emotional outbursts can actually happen during the treatment itself. Be assured this is a positive state and nothing to worry about.

HEALING REACTIONS - Some people in the past, who have suffered from specific disorder/problems which may have never fully cleared within the system can find that these may reappear. It is advisable not to block any healing reactions (i.e. do not take medication such as painkillers), as these reactions should be permitted to occur naturally otherwise the body will not rebalance itself.

SKIN - Toxins can leave the body more rapidly if the skin is in good condition. Use a natural soft bristle brush to gently exfoliate the surface of the skin. Stroke from the ends of the limbs inwards towards the abdomen. This will also stimulate blood and lymphatic flow. To further aid elimination through the skin, soak in a warm bath containing Epsom salts.

EXERCISE - It is very beneficial in stimulating the circulatory system and relieving stress. Take moderate, gentle exercise on a regular basis to suit your abilities.

ULTRA VIOLET EXPOSURE - It is advisable not to sunbathe or use UV treatment (sunbeds) for 24 hours after your reflexology.

DRIVING - If you feel totally relaxed after the treatment it is recommended that you rest before start driving.

HOLISTIC APPROACH - Please remember it is important that you are willing to take responsibility for your own health and be prepared to make the necessary changes in order to work towards better well-being and to adopt a positive attitude, as the mind ultimately affects the body and negative feelings will eventually manifest themselves as physical problems.