ACNIPUR – Blemish Solution Fluid

ACNIPUR – Blemish Solution Fluid


A “lightweight” formula that controls shine, prevents and corrects blemishes and visibly tightens pores, without leaving the skin dry.




50 ml

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Non-Oily Fluid for Blemished Skin. A “lightweight” formula for oily skins prone to blemishes. Thanks to this non-comedogenic gel-cream the skin appears healthy: it is purified and matified, pimples and comedones diminished significantly.



STAR MARINE INGREDIENT AMM EPS, ABSOLUTE MARINE MATIFIER: PHYTOMER scientists offer a new super-powerful ExoPolySaccharide solution for problem skin: Absolute Marine Matifier, with matifying and anti-inflammatory properties. This high-tech marine sugar corrects blemishes and provides a comprehensive cleansing effect to leave skin healthy and balanced. The EPS AMM deposits an invisible natural film on the surface of the skin; which traps sebum like a microsponge. After 1 hour, shine on the skin diminishes and this effect lasts for 8 hours after application without drying the skin. It also penetrates into the heart of the skin to inhibit the inflammatory process*. It thus helps to reduce skin lesions and therefore contributes to improving the texture and appearance of the skin. + Dermo-Purifying Complex: acts against the excessive production of sebum, against bacterial proliferation, against the appearance of comedones and against inflammatory reaction.