Anti-Dark Spot Serum

Anti-Dark Spot Serum


Reduces dark spots caused by the sun




23.5 ml

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Reduces dark spots caused by the sun and by ageing. Prevents the appearance of new dark spots. Restores a more even and radiant complexion Smoothes the skin. Gives the skin a more youthful appearance


After thoroughly cleansing the entire face, mix the serum with the pure Vitamin C then apply morning and evening before the moisturiser. This product contains pure Vitamin C whose colour may vary over time. For optimal effectiveness, use the serum within 14 days of mixing the ingredients.


Vitamin C and Melanoxyl : help lower initial melanin levels in the skin, which in turn reduce the appearence of existing dark spots and help slow the production of melanin to prevent new dark spots from forming. Phytic acid : refines and smooths the texture of the skin. 56 cellular : stimulate cell renewal and give the skin a more youthful appearance.