CELLULI ATTACK – Concentrate for Stubborn Areas

CELLULI ATTACK – Concentrate for Stubborn Areas


This intensive localized treatment targets and erases cellulite and visible dimpling in the most critical areas It smooths the skin’s micro-relief for a blurred orange peel effect. Its




100 ml

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Targeted Intensive Anti-Cellulite Treatment. The intensive targeted treatment for stubborn areas takes drastic action: cellulite, “orange peel skin,” stubborn fat: half as visible in 1 month*. Its secret: the perfect dose of the best contouring ingredients coupled with an ultra-smoothing benchmark AHA in 1 single bottle. Not suitable for people sensitive to iodine.


Press firmly on the pump and apply morning and evening on each targeted area (hips, buttocks, thighs, saddlebags, abdomen, etc.). Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Not suitable for people who are sensitive to iodine.


STAR MARINE INGREDIENT PEPPER SLIMACTIV: is a pure pink pepper oil obtained from the seeds of Schinus terebinthifolius, known as the “false pepper tree” native to South America. It’s obtained by a high-tech 100% green method. PHYTOMER scientists discovered that this concentrated oil from pink berries is able to tackle stubborn fat to promote its elimination. Its lipolytic action is 8 times more powerful than caffeine on fat*. This extremely powerful lipolytic oil is vectored to attack stubborn fat quickly and forcefully. + Sea Absinthium: intelligently tracks sugar to put the adipocytes on a forced diet. Limits fat storage at night and stimulates the elimination of fat** upon awakening. + Sea Grape: balances the functioning of the genes involved in the development of cellulite* for “indepth work” on established cellulite. + Glycolic acid: promotes the effectiveness of contouring ingredients, smooths the surface of skin.