GLOW LUMINATION Even Skin Smoothing Cream

GLOW LUMINATION Even Skin Smoothing Cream


This fine and delicate cream offers high performance results for a more luminous, even complexion and a visibly younger skin.




50 ml

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Gives an immediate burst of radiance to the skin. • Brightens the complexion, reduces brown spots and smooths wrinkles. • Suitable for all skin types.



Marine criste: A “retinol-like” effect. Smooths skin. Dictyopteris (brown algae): Reduces the skin’s pigmentation, leaving it more radiant and translucent. Sea Lily extract : Reduces the size and pigmentation of liver spots which can often appear due to aging or over exposure to the sun. Eco-Chlorella: Stimulates the structural proteins of the skin for a firming and anti-slackening effect.