HYDRASEA – Ultra-Moisturizing Polarized Water Serum

HYDRASEA – Ultra-Moisturizing Polarized Water Serum


Hydration-boosting effect: deeper, faster, more intense.




30 ml

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Moisturizing Booster. PHYTOMER has discovered the exceptional power of polarized weaving algae water to combat dehydration. This fresh serum with its lightweight, ultra-moisturizing texture immediately melts into the skin to hydrate it and quench its thirst. Softer and suppler, the skin reveals a radiant complexion and looks visibly more beautiful.


Lightly massage serum to perfectly cleansed face and neck morning and/or evening. Follow with use of usual facial cream.


Polarized Weaving Algae: intense, rapid and boosted moisturizing within the skin. Glasswort Oil: improves the circulation and storage of water in the epidermis. OLIGOMER®: delivers an ideal supply of all trace elements, strengthens the skin and helps prevent cellular fatigue. Pheohydrane (Laminaria digitata): moisturizes, restructures the hydrolipidic film and traps water in the tissues for an immediate and long-lasting effect.