LOTION P5 Targeted Curve Concentrate

LOTION P5 Targeted Curve Concentrate


The power of 5 marine ingredients incorporated into an aqueous lotion with a pleasant sea fragrance to reduce the appearance of unwanted curves.




150 ml

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In LOTION P5, PHYTOMER concentrates powerful marine ingredients to intensively refine curves. Its texture combines the effective properties of OLIGOMER®, an exclusive seawater concentrate used in a very high concentration, with the slimming power of four reference algae.



Polysiphonia (red algae): boost the body’s fat-burning process to get rid of stubborn fat Laminaria Digitata (brown algae): limit the storage of fat Palmaria Palmata (red algae): drain and activate micro-circulation Eco-Chlorella (green algae): tones the skin Contains 75% OLIGOMER®: stimulates cellular metabolism in fat cells to help burn fat