OLÉOCRÈME – Ultra-Nourishing Hand Cream

OLÉOCRÈME – Ultra-Nourishing Hand Cream


Offers a complete beauty treatment for hands: Moisturizes + Nourishes + Comforts + Relieves + Protects




50 ml

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Comforting SOS hand care
This rich, silky cream with a fresh, citrus scent protects, soothes and softens dry and damaged hands. Integrating a hydrating duo of marine oils, it reveals perfect hands: skin is intensely nourished, moisturized, comforted and better protected from external stress.



Mekabu Oil: reinforces cell cohesion and the epidermal-dermal connection to limit water loss. Glasswort Oil: improves the circulation and storage of water and urea in the epidermis while strengthening the lipidic barrier. Shea butter: repairing, restructuring, nourishing; improves skin elasticity.


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