Prebioforce Balancing Concentrate

Prebioforce Balancing Concentrate


Balancing Concentrate With Prebiotic Complex




30 ml

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The first prebiotic serum able to preserve natural skin’s microbiota balance for a skin healthier, less sensitive and more beautiful day after day. • Formulated for all skin types, it is particularly suited for sensitive skin, exhausted skin or stressed skin during a hectic period and skin that has become fragile due to peels and other aggressive treatments. • PREBIOFORCE is meant to be used as a skin care cure, morning and evening before regular face cream for a minimum of one month. Begin using as soon the first signs of sensitivity, redness, tingling, dull complexion, or imperfections appear.



Marine Prebiotic Complex: Rebalances skin microbiota and helps maintain skin immune functions. Oligomer ®: to restore cell minerals.