RESUBSTANCE Skin Resilience Rich Cream

RESUBSTANCE Skin Resilience Rich Cream


A rich cream with a doubly volumizing formula to put a stop to the deficiencies of mature skin.




50 ml

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Two super-powerful SUBSTANCE CREATING ingredients: → To fill surface wrinkles → To densify the skin in-depth A generous, total comfort, firming and shaping texture: → To provide maximum lipids to thin and very dry skin



PLUMPING MARINE CORNEOGEL Resubstance of the stratum corneum with molecules of marine origin: seawater enriched with NMF boosting minerals, microalgae concentrated in NMF boosting amino acids, lactic acid and lipids which are essential constituents of the inter-cellular cement. I CONCENTRATE OF REDENSIFYING BROWN ALGAE Resubstance of the deeper layers with essential component molecules: collagen fibers, elastin fibers and hyaluronic acid.