SEATONIC Stretch Mark and Firming Oil

SEATONIC Stretch Mark and Firming Oil


Gives skin a firmer appearance and targets stretch marks. • Hypoallergenic formula. • Suitable for pregnant & breastfeeding women. • Light oil with soft and delicate notes of orange flower blossoms.




125 ml

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This multi-sensory oil with a silky, ultra-light texture firms the skin through hydration and reduces the appearance of stretch marks, in a formula that is safe for the skin and suitable for pregnant women.



Organic Mekabu Oil (brown algae): Gives more suppleness and comfort while nourishing the skin. Chlorella Oil (green algae): Restores a firmer appearance to the skin. Organic Perilla Oil (herbaceous plant): Rich in omega 3-s, this vegetal oil restores elasticity. Organic Glasswort Oil (seaside plant): Improves water storage in skin cells.


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