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Slim Logic


Anti-cellulite Slimming Cream – Body




125 ml

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The figure is re-sculpted, contours are slimmed down
The cellulite is smoothed away, the skin’s orange peel aspect is visibly minimized
After 1 month application : -1,8 cm off the waistline(1), -1,8 cm off hip
circumference(2), -1,6 cm off thigh circumference(1)


Apply morning and evening to all areas of concern.


REDUCES FAT : Caffeine is known for triggering the process of breaking down fat and Cellulysium for preventing the storage of fat. INNOVATION – Délipogénase II helps increase and accelerate the process of breaking down fat by rendering “storage” adipocytes active, like “combustion” adipocytes: adipocytes burn more fat than they store, resulting in maximum effective slimming. REDUCES FLUID : Ivy is known for detoxifying and boosting the micro-circulation. Its creamy texture, delicately scented, is rapidly absorbed and enables to get dressed immediately.