SOUFFLE MARIN – Energizing Oxygenating Serum

SOUFFLE MARIN – Energizing Oxygenating Serum


A soft, lightweight emulsion filled with marine ingredients that neutralize pollutants and help the skin oxygenate itself more effectively for a fresher complexion and more invigorated skin




30 ml

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Tired, Polluted and Dull Skin Fluid. Lights up your complexion like a walk in the sea air.. A real breath of fresh air, this serum contains active marine ingredients which neutralize harmful pollutants, enhance the skin’s natural defenses and help it to breathe – for a fresh complexion and toned skin.


Apply morning and evening to face and neck, on its own or before your usual skincare cream. Use as an intensive treatment (21 days to 1 month, the duration of the cellular renewal cycle) or all year long


STAR MARINE INGREDIENT ARMERIA MARITIMA: This seaside plant was selected by PHYTOMER’s research team for its exceptional ability to survive on hostile industrial sites by capturing the pollution contained in the soil. + Anti-Pollution Marine Sugar: with Armeria Maritima, constitutes concentrate of natural d-tox agents. + Phormidiane: micro-alga with de-polluting properties, capable of accelerating cell renewal. + Oxygenol: increases the assimilation of oxygen, improves cellular respiration, boosts the vitality of mitochondria. + OLIGOMER®: delivers an ideal supply of all trace elements, strengthens the skin and helps prevent cellular fatigue.