TRÉSOR DES MERS – Ultra-Nourishing Body Cream

TRÉSOR DES MERS – Ultra-Nourishing Body Cream


Rich and melt-away cream. Intensely moisturizes and reduces the signs of time.




150 ml

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Nourishing Rich Cream. Enriched in the most precious marine oils, this melt-away cream delivers a source of intense moisture to your skin and reduces the signs of time. Skin is left supple, relaxed and infinitely soft. Day after day, the body looks younger.



Gorse Oil: moisturizing and protective; encourages cell renewal and improves cellular cohesion. Glasswort Oil: reinforces the lipidic barrier and cellular cohesion for a better water retention in the epidermis. Pheohydrane (Laminaria digitata): moisturizes, restructures the hydrolipidic film and traps water in the tissues for an immediate and long-lasting effect. OLIGOMER®: delivers an ideal supply of all trace elements, strengthens the skin and helps prevent cellular fatigue.


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