Valmont Facials

Valmont Facials

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Our innovative Swiss Valmont facial treatments combine superior technical knowledge utilizing glacial spring water, essential plant extracts, primitive collagen and highly polymerized DNA, triple DNA and RNA to aid in the preservation and repair of skin at the cellular level.

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Valmont Hydration

Dehydration is a universal phenomenon affecting all skins. The lack of water becomes worse with age and quickly becomes an aggravating factor of cutaneous ageing. With each passing day, the fine lines of dehydration become deep and intimidating wrinkles cover the face. To soften these manifestations, Valmont created the Source of Bisses treatment. This treatment was inspired by contemplating an irrigation system used by the Swiss Valais mountain people, called Bisse. This ancestral tradition of water mastery is today applied to the skin. Acting as a hydration bath, this treatment quenches the thirstiest skins. Filled with water, the epidermis regains vitality and the dermis is re-plumped, thus smoothing down the fine lines of dehydration. This absolute must of a treatment will leave your skin feeling as fresh as morning dew.

Exclusively in this treatment, recover long-lasting hydration thanks to the MOISTURIZING BOOSTER intensive treatment and the high technology of its two hyaluronic acids. Please allow 90 minutes for this facial treatment.

Intensive Anti-Wrinkle and Firmness

With the passing of days, the bumps and curves in your face will tend to become deeper and your facial contours more severely marked. Although wrinkles and the loss of firmness are unavoidable, their appearance and intensity can be visibly reduced. To delay or prevent these most visible signs of ageing, Valmont demonstrates all its know-how in the Peaks of Firmness treatment, a resolutely anti-wrinkle and firming treatment.

INTENSIVE CHRONO CELLULAR LIFT TREATMENT, a lifting massage, a collagen facial mask… allow your skin to reach the heights it deserves! An ideal treatment for a visibly and durably lifted and denser face. Please allow 2 hours for this facial treatment.