XMF PIONNIÈRE – Perfection Youth Rich Cream

XMF PIONNIÈRE – Perfection Youth Rich Cream


Enriched with shea butter, this rich and ultra-comfortable cream restores suppleness and comfort to thin and dry skin, from morning to night.




50 ml

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The XMF rich cream features an unprecedented biotechnological ingredient for smoother, firmer and more luminous skin. This rich version is enriched with a lipid-replenishing marine oil, naturally concentrated in omega 3 for a supreme comfort.



XMF, Extra Marine Filler: instantly smooths wrinkles for crease-free skin. Densifies the skin mattress for firmed, tautened skin like after a face-lift. Morio Orchid Extract: antioxidant protection (against free radicals) and antiglycation protection (against sugars) to help preserve the skin’s youthfulness.