YOUTH PERFORMANCE – Wrinkle Radiance Serum

YOUTH PERFORMANCE – Wrinkle Radiance Serum


Reduces the depth of wrinkles, redensifies the skin and smoothes lines, firms facial contours.




30 ml

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Anti-Wrinkles Booster. . This serum features an exceptional texture which instantly melts on application to create younger looking skin. Its high-tech formulation includes a new, vectorized marine ingredient, Seastem Ciblactiv, which precisely targets the skin’s regeneration cells. Results are immediate: wrinkles are smoothed and the complexion is more radiant from the very first application. Day after day, your face will appear visibly younger.



Seastem Ciblactiv: encapsulated and vectorized SEASTEM Complex capable of precisely recognizing and restoring the replenishment of the skin’s stem cells to correct wrinkles. Éternelle marine: stimulates the production of Thioredoxins, natural defense proteins in the skin, to illuminate the complexion and restore the skin’s freshness and radiance. Blue micro-algae from Klamath: smoothing, oxygenating and detoxifying properties.