YOUTH REVIVER – Age-Defense Mask

YOUTH REVIVER – Age-Defense Mask


Revives the skin’s youthfulness and boosts radiance.




50 ml

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Reinforcing Anti-Age Mask. 2 high-performance active complexes to revive and re-mobilize skin cells, restoring youthful appearance. Thanks to the association of these two ingredients, wrinkles are corrected, the skin is smoothed and feels firm, leaving the complexion more radiant. Your skin feels invigorated, ready to face the challenges of time.


Apply a medium layer to the face and neck once or twice a week. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse and tone.


Retinocollagen C Complex: stimulates the skin’s cellular activity to maximize its youth potential thanks to two ultra-effective marine ingredients, Marine Criste and Maritimus Lotus. Seastem Complex: optimizes the skin stem cells’ functions to correct wrinkles and fill the skin from within