Guinot Facials

Guinot has a reputation for excellence in Facial and Body professional treamtments. Focused on efficiency and real results, all face and body treatments are developed using the most advanced technology. They are continuously enhanced through research and development, guaranteeing leading edge methods and formulas. From a wide range of customized professional treatments, discover the Guinot solutions that are right for you.

Guinot's Ethical Beauty Care •The products are not tested on animals. •To improve skin compatibility, formulas are preserved without parabens and the active ingredients used are from non-GMO plants. •The active treatment ingredients incorporated in the formulas are chosen in order to respect the environment;notably by sourcing them from renewable plants. Guinot is conscious of the environment's fragility and is concerned about protecting it.

  • Intensive Aromatic

    An aromatherapy facial customized for each client. Aromatic Facial is a soothing treatment that combines essential oils, a relaxing massage to hydrate, balance and energize the skin, and a plant-concentrate enriched mask. Benefits •Relaxes facial features •Reduces wrinkles •Minimizes oil secretion •Restores radiance
  • Hydradermie

    A Specialized and highly effective treatment using gentle galvanic and high frequency massage to deep cleanse, hydrate and tone the skin. Helps combat and correct crow’s feet, shadows, bags and wrinkles. Circulation is boosted and cellular regeneration is enhanced.
  • Hydralift

    A course of lifting and preventative anti-aging treatments using specialized micro-current techniques.
  • Liftosome

    An energizing, tightening and firming treatment recommended for skin marked by age (loss of firmness, wrinkles, fine lines). Skin is firmer, smoother and more radiant. Benefits •Helps tighten the skin •Tones and improves the skin's texture •Improves the appearance of dull, tired skin •Hydrates •Firms and brightens the skin. A combination of Pro-Collagen and Guinot's exclusive Thermolift Mask work together to increase elasticity and firmness for a brighter complexion.
  • Hydra Peeling

    This new and exclusive Guinot treatment brings the power of peeling with new acids to brighten and smooth skin. A regenerating massage and cooling restorative mask complete this treatment perfect for anyone wanting progressive peeling, an immediate glow, or looking to diminish brown spots/pigment. Most effective in a series (1x/week for 3 treatments)
  • Age Summum

    Anti-aging treatment to regenerate, firm, tone and renew skins radiance. This treatment to reduce all signs of aging also brings deep relaxation with Guinot’s exclusive anti-aging massage to sooth and push powerful ingredients deeper into the skin. High amounts of Vitamin C and enriched serums leave you looking refreshed with glowing, youthful skin.